Making a LEGO Domino Machine

Building and testing a LEGO machine for making domino runs. Each 'domino' is a stack of 5 1x3 LEGO bricks. Turn on captions for some insight into the design and build process. Skip to 5:14 to see the machine being used to set up a domino run.

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0:00 Building Dominos
0:25 Basic Indexing Mechanism
1:28 Vertical Storage
3:17 Steering
4:08 Replaceable Cartridges
5:14 Setting up the Run
6:09 Go Time!

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Twitter: jasonallemann
Facebook: JKBrickworks

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    Turn on captions for some insight into the design and build process. Skip to 5:14 to see the machine being used to set up a domino run.

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    The high-capacity fully semi-automatic assault domino placer-15

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