24k Gold YouTube Toothbrush!

I turned my Gold Play Button into a toothbrush! How well will it clean my stained teeth?

Full Video Out Now!!! mrtoo.info/class/fYHZrKSNtKutcW8/vhi-i.html

Smile on :)


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    @Ross Chow- Roblox & More!Roblox

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    @Ross Chow- Roblox & More! Gaby cooking for

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    Me without Instagram: I will sacrifice my soul

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    yes i was thinking he clean it gold playbotton

  • Pandasforever
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    Umm i think if you actually did it with the play button it would ruin your teeth 😳

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    Plot twist the toothpaste that smells like hand soap is really handsoap

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    It did great

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    FaT GlOb

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    MRtoo is scared to give u a play botton

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    I love this channel but I’m sick and tired of the purple chewing and the before results

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    I legit thought he was going to scrape the corner of it on his teeth lol

  • Elusive 38
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    In the end, it wiped the poor teeth outta him

  • Ojasvi K
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    "let's see if my gold play button can clean my stained teeth" sir what are you doing-

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    5. 1k

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    I love how You did it

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    How many times do you need to use the disclosing tablets in a week

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    LOVE YOU 😘🥺😭😭

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    Fat glob

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    What 😅

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    Imagie 1000k Gold play button you wasted

  • Facilimate

    The bottoms is grate but the top is like meh

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    Gold wow

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    Going to make it dirty 😳

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    I Couldn’t be the only one thinking he was gonna use the play button to brush his teeth😂

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    So fucking weird

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    If he loves us so much Why I will hemorrhoid the golden play button

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    Dental digest: *turns the golden play button into toothbrush* MRtoo: Disrespecc

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    Your teeth white like pearl ✨✨✨

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    I just realised his short videos are in loop

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    Love ya are lol

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    I like your smile very much

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    XD 😆 its funny the gold MRtoo thing how is it going to brush your teeth

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    Keep safe always we love you always😄

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    Wow nice

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    " l wish the person who are reading this comment may your parents alive for many years""" love you all❤❤️💛💛💚💞

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  • ☆Blossom Trees☆
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    Let’s find out if Dental Digest will find everything to see if it will clean his staind teeth.

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    I thought you were going to use the corrner

  • Wild With Miles
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    What do you do with all the toothbrush’s when you are done with the vide

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    Is this how cavemen brush her teeth

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    " l wish the person who are reading this comment may your parents alive for many years""" love you all❤❤️💛💛💚💞

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    Oh my next

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    Is this real

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    Hi. I'm a big fan I watch your shows on my TV all the time

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    Dat loop doe

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    I like how every short he makes he makes it look like a loop

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    You waste all tooth brush

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    Can have one 👏👌😭💪😘🙈

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    Wow imagine his ToothBrush collection,there must be a closet full of them

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    Wow imagine his ToothBrush collection,there must be a closet full of them

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    Is this real

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    Are you the among us toothbrush guy

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    Im a Big fan

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    Where do you get your disclosure tablets a?

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    Dónde consigues esas pastillitas para para para pintarte los dientes

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    Please dimond toothbrush

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    Where do you buy one of those from

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    I'm not scared of this I am mortified

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    Who really thought he was gonna use the youtube play button

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    0:10 that’s not real is it?

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    Dude why why dude

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    Ooooo can I have one?

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    Godloves ya

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    I was thinking he was going to scrub his teeth with a play button

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    Dental Digest in 2050: Let's find out if the Earth can clean my stained teeth

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    Rip golden play button :(

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    Can i buy one?

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    It’s just the bridle not the handle

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    I think about if he will use gold tooth brush so him ''s teeth will get gold

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    It's so weird seeing a person with purple teeth lol

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    This is just cringe in my opinion like idk how people watch a guy brush his nasty purple stained teeth

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    Your getting a replacement, RIGHT????

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    And I thought he was gonna actually brush his teeth with the play button,..

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  • yuitr loing
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    Is everyone gonna just ignore the fact that the toothbrush says “fat glob” that’s sick bruh

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    sigh he melted down his gold play button to make a toothbrush. I'm scared for what's next

  • cquenault
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    I thought he was going to use the actual play button Me at the beginning of the video: WHAT?!?