Arora Sahab & EX ft.

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Have you ever thought of throwing a birthday party with your old flame and forever flame in one frame? Arora sahab believes “Age only matters if you are a cheese”, lets experience the humor and mirth when he is stuck in one such noodle

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Produced by : Gaurav Arora
Written by : Himanshu Chouhan
Co-Written by : Gaurav Arora
Directed by : Nikhil Rajvanshi
DOP : Nikhil Rajvanshi
Creative Head: Gaurav Arora
Production Head : Avi Singh
Art And Costume : Sanskriti Singh Thakur
Edited by : Nikhil Rajvanshi
Assistant Editor : Adywise
Background Score : Gaurav Arora
Sales and Marketing : Chahat Suri
Attended : Nikhil
Makeup : Viren / Jyoti Bhardwaaj
Spot : Hari OM

Gaurav Arora as Arora Sahab
Pratishtha Sharma as Saloni
Hinisha Chauhan as Arora Sahab's Wife
Avi Singh as Arora Sahab's Son
Sagar Jha as Friend

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