Farrier-Hoof Restoration-Satisfying


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    интересно а лошади больно или ей щекотно

  • ㅤ
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    Acho que esses ferros causa dor

  • Kyle Steele
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    People are always so afraid to even touch the frog, but have to realize it's part of it too and if it was causing any discomfort, the horse will let you know lol

  • Howard148
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    How often do horses need this?

  • Katerina Mpelmpa
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    This man loves what he does ❤️

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  • Юлия Гаранжа
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    бедная лошадь!((( вот так к человеку в рабство попасть(((

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    Isso machuca ele?

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    Now do that again, but just 3 more times.

  • Dani Tho
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    So the hoof is like....a big nail?

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    Super 🧝

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    Глядя на превьюху, подумал что это пиздец какой грязный засорившийся унитаз

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    Время 2 часа ночи, я сижу и смотрю как мужик лошадь подковывает🤣

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    Keksik TV

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    Такая же фигня)))) 02:30

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    Знатный педикюр! Пирсинг и лак ! Класс!

  • ladawg81
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    Horse be like "ohHhHHHHhhhhhHhhhHhhh.... Thank you hooman"

  • Ant&co

    Muy buen video 👏 saludos desde España 🇪🇸🇪🇸👍

  • BonGarcon

    Ты не искал это видео Оно нашло тебя) Ирония в том, что я смотрел видосы по автосервису, и тут бац - шиномонтажка horse edition))

  • OblivionGate

    It's always good to get new shoes.

  • ManАvar

    horce pedicure ,or horce vulcanizetion.✋😎 And so great work.😉👍💯

  • Igor Barbosa
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    Sei q o cavalo não ta sentido dor, mas caralho q agonia esse video

  • Cateryane

    If people didn't know, this does not hurt the horse, a hoof is essentially like a toenail, and even if it did hurt, the guy would be hurting a lot more than the horse

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    chala hahaha suuuu

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    16 минут пролетело в мгновенье)

  • S Kuzmanovic
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    Hammer work was impressive

  • Raza Pervez
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    does this hurt the horse?

  • Palovastaava


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    You didn’t find this video, this video found you 😂😂😂

  • ogentKOZ

    ноготочки подстриг

  • Ezra Mowery
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    Everyone talking about getting this in their recommended weirdly. I knew what I was getting myself into this is satisfying and not the first one of these I’ve watched.

  • Guillermo

    Unbelievable the horse didn’t kick him not one single time

  • marc

    he does his work good but i feel pretty bad for a horse is it okay?

  • Saha Chas
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    Салон красоты 😁для лошадки

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  • ١ ل
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    Horses lived before humans I don’t see why they have to do this

  • Fatih Ünal
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    Why MRtoo, why???

  • نواف عسيري
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    هل من عرب

  • Марта Григорян
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    Залипла... Профессиональная работа! А какие умелые, ухоженные и чистые руки у мастера! Восторг и восхищение!!!

  • はなかっぱ#UGK。

    So so fascinating

  • ١ ل
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    At this point I need to become a horse to believe the fact that they don’t get hurt

  • s0lixtude



    Lol it's like nails, they don't feel it

  • Владимир Марченко
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    Так я представляю жену когда она говорит что пошла на ногти 💅 😁

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    i.... im going to cut my nails and appreciate that i dont have hoofs

  • Lord Brahaam
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    No se por que esto me relaja y tranquiliza mi ansiedad ver este tipo de "tutoriales" me relaja es muy gratificante además no se por que siento que lo ocuparé en el futuro. A lo mejor se aproxima el la extinción del 90 % de la humanidad y yo soy ese único 10 % que sobrevivirá y tiene que transmitir este conocimiento 😱😱😱

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    Over 13k dislikes?

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    This is what i find satisfying

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    doesnt that hurt for the horse?

  • Christian V

    Christian V


    No it’s the equivalent of us humans trimming our nails

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    Oh omg

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    Can the horse kick the master during that? Does that happen? Or does he stand in a safe spot where even if it tried it wouldnt do much damage?

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    Even hooves deserve a Pedicure

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    25 oktober 2021 view 40jt bro, gokil🔥

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    My mom used to own 4 horse back in the 70's and 80's and she told me she took care of them all by herself. After seeing this, I wonder how she managed to balance school and her horses both at the same time. I truly didn't understand when she said it was a lot of work. Just wow

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    Копыта ведь стригутся, как ногти, или это грязь такая?

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    One of the better jobs I've seen done- damn patient horse as well!

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    I don't know but I like when I got satisfaction while watching

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    Cruel man

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    Muito top, quem sabe casquiar é bonito de ver né, um forte abraço canal MRtoo Wilson pecuaria

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    Bu hayvan ne kadar asil bir hayvan kılını kıbırdamıyor

  • Mayor Of Tarkov
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    horse meat tastes like chicken :) really good flavour. I once airfried it and it was legit better than KFC, everyone should try it

  • Anshu Kumari
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    Ye kaya kar raheho Thora sa reham to dikhana chahiye usko bhi dard hota hoga

  • J Hold
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    Isn't that painful for the horse?

  • s0lixtude



    Nope, it's just like human nails

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    Sup, lemme guess you're here from the reccomendation right?

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    Un trabajo maravilloso 👏👍🏻

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    Nice om

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    Здоровый 8 часовой сон? Нее, не нада. Давайте вместо этого буду смотреть на то как чистят копыто лошади.

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    Истину сказала👍😉😄

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    vidio viral 13 detikmrtoo.info/class/epi5zJV2uKLQapA/vhi-i.html

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    Ну всё! Красоточка🤗

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  • s0lixtude



    They don't feel it

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    Help me to reach 50 subscribers...😊

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    Horse 🐎 must have enjoyed the pedicure.... and that enamel polish in the end was awesome. Next time offer her some nail art.

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    А коню нравится?

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    Если не задеть нерв то ему будет пофиг, да тем более это гигиена для коней

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    I didn't know he'd have to smash nails into his hoof!

  • Zaynab Sawen
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  • U dont know me
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    did he cut off his foot

    MAIMOONA ABDUL QADIR3 तासांपूर्वी

    Doesn’t it hurts???

  • s0lixtude



    Nope, it's just like human nails

  • Erik Notielc
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    I just watch those videos because it's so satisfying 😄

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    Is it hurt? 🥺

  • s0lixtude




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    It so good

  • Tauzy
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    I am curious to this guys,is he like taking of from the horses leg,I mean like cutting it off?

  • LusherIX


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    @Tauzy np

  • Tauzy


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    @LusherIX thx for the explanation

  • LusherIX


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    Horse hooves are basically like nails that are just really thick, the horse didn't feel any pain because of that fact of course, since they're nails they'll grow back after some time, horses that aren't wild need to have their nails trimmed or they will grow to be too long, wild horses get their nails trimmed naturally since they run around so much with those but that isn't the case with tamed horses

  • Саша Иванов
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    Очень интересно. Но мне кажется, можно акуратнее всё делать, осторожнее, слишком резкие движения ножом, напильником. Торопиться. Так можно и вред нанести. Перед камерой красуется.

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    Собчак пришла на педикюр

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    Ничего не обычного, он просто ремонтирует ноги лошади

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    Those are not hurt, 📸😳?

  • LusherIX


    3 तासांपूर्वी

    no hooves are made out of nails

  • Cesar enrique Villalobos rocha
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  • Cesar enrique Villalobos rocha
    Cesar enrique Villalobos rocha3 तासांपूर्वी


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    I'm afraid of horse kick

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    İşini severek yapan bir insan tebrikler 👍👏👏

  • Молодой Старик
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    Ханс-Дитер Кербер в своей книге «Болезни копыт и ковка лошадей» отмечает, что «ковка негативно влияет на копыто, поэтому она не должна применяться без надобности. Негативное влияние ковки необходимо уменьшать с помощью регулярного ухода за копытами».

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    Too hard to take care of horses !

  • Endermanza
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    why did I click on this it is satisfying tho

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    이게 갑자기 왜 떴는지 모르겠는데 끝까지 다보고있네ㅋㅋㅋ 말이 뒷발차기할까봐 조마조마하면서 다 봄

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    Horseshoe: Mending I

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    I never know about horse i did ride horse wagon once and never again, and well for the first thought i was like "WTF" and after research about horse and also reading about the comment that the horse actually didn't feel any pain from it well it is a good recommendation after all

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    Acaba canı aciyo mu?

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    Manicure 💅

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    Watched a girl feed het horse a cube of sugar last week and that was enough to turn my feed into the bronx zoo.