Zoramthanga, Mizoram CM Blames Assam Police For Assam-Mizoram Tensions | The Right Stand |CNN News18


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    Next time if they lost their head, don't blame us because you force us to do it!

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  • Hruaii Chawnghlut
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    I want to shot them all.. Don't mess with mizoram.. we stand with our Cm Zoramthanga

  • Hilda Tluangi
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    Know this: The incident took place within Mizoram grounds, within Mizoram Territory. Shame on Himanata for lying non-stop! This is his political tactic to divide us from the nation yet he has the audacity to call us anti-indian.

  • Hmuaktea Keifang
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    I lost my son, silcher bengali driver, I not acceppt, on the first shut fire, may be, Sala.

  • Hmuaktea Keifang
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    Please dont say more, nanional media, so i say Bjp came apply to Assam Cm, i not Acceppt.

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    Full support from Meghalaya.Stay strong Mizoram✊🏼

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    Support mizoram

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    Assam think because we are the most peaceful state in India, we can be push around but we are ready to defend our home with our life.

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    Wtf.... !!!!!!! Bias reporter i ever saw

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    We stand with Mizoram.!!!!😊😊

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    Madar mizuram gerib ka Desh he sopko fire karna sayeta mizu police go back

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    Mizoram Zindabad

  • Rosy Fanai
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    mrtoo.info/class/ep7TrLyNpmiqe2c/vhi-i.html Here's the truth , Mizoram between Assam

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    Mizoram CM long live

  • Lalthakima Ralte Lalthakima Ralte
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    This is Mizoram

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    We from Meghalaya support💪 Mizoram

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    #resignassamCM #shameonhimantabishwa #assamshotfirst

  • Lucy Pachuau
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    As Assam people are overpopulated they are disputing with all their borders they act as if they were not an 🇮🇳.. I think they don't ❤ their motherland

  • Neon Omar
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    Just to Resolve in a peaceful matter is what everyone wants, but without compromising our claim. Mizoram police posts and farmlands are located around ground zero. CRPF camp was also requested by Mizoram Government but that did not stop the incursion of Assam police. Many Mizoram Farm sheds and crops have been burnt by Assam police in the past years, and this is the first time Mizoram police has retaliated at this scale. No media is interested to point out the fact that Assam police fired the first shot at Mizo civilian protestors after tear gas and stones( brought in by Trucks) were found ineffective. Mizoram police duty post of about 30 men was over run by about 300 plus Assam police. Such disrespect towards other law enforcement officials is a point to be noted. The people of Mizoram condone the actions of our Police if they are done to protect their people and its territory. We are all willing to die to protect India and the state of Mizoram.

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    Does this news channel thinks that whole of north eastern states were under Ashton king? If yes, u are at doesn't know anything about north east. We Arunachalies are not assamis we were never ruled by them

  • Beyond Visual Range
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    Assam never expected Mizoram to respond. They thought Mizos are meek but were mistaken.

  • Rohminga Rohminghlua
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    Full support Mizoram, i love Mizoram

  • ViLLage Life
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    Agar Assam police ne first fire kiya hai to Mizoram public waha par tha to public kiyu nahi mara isme saf saf pata chalta hai Mizoram police ne pehle fire kiya 👍

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    Assam police shot first

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    Mizoram police zindanbaad 🤣 assam Cm bnd karo.😡 Himanta 🐍

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    Assam Chief Minister Himanta is same as China Xingxingping..

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    Mizoram never make problems with others states, but Assam does. See the differences

  • Duha Ralte
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    Let the Assam block the highway ,that means they are losing their costomers,let's see who last longer ,the Mizos can trade withTripura and Manipur

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    ZoramthangaC.M.of Mizoram wanted to surrender toIndia butCapt.Lalhleia tried to shoot him

  • Duha Ralte
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    My grandfather used to be M.N.F.army chief buti'm notM.N.F. its my right

  • Duha Ralte
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    It doesn not matter what gun the Mizos used,enemy is an enemy

  • Duha Ralte
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    The Mizos rather die for their friends and their country

  • Duha Ralte
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    The Mizos are not Indians they are the descendants of Mongolians theM.N.F.made the Mizos an Indians

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  • Kc Hruaia
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    Where other place should Mizoram rereat!Its their post that had been raided inside Mizoram not even close to the border area..Such a arional level of liar Mr.Himanta had spoke.

  • Mabuati Khawlhring
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    #shame_on_assam #deletehimantaCM #Assamshotfirst

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    Shame on Assam

  • Conan Wanz
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    All NE state except mizoram fears Assam because only Mizo is ruled by Regional party whereas other is ruled by BJP control by Assam

  • Mawitea hriattea pa
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    Not border issue, this event is in Mizoram state.... Not Border, Not Lailapur.... Assam shot first.... Absolutely right...

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    Exactly things should not have escalate if .. if only assam police did not cross over the CRPF stations ... It was agreed on the convention at shillong that status quo would be maintain untill it is resolve through peaceful talks and aggreements... what took the assam side to cross over.... come in and make things difficult? We don't trust crpf as well... when IGs, Sp cachar and its troops cross over crpf post and tried to took over mizoram police post forcefully... SP kolasib went to crpf for help... requesting them to help him pushing back the AP to their respective post through talks. But he was clearly denied and ignored. It seems crpf is bais... they completely failed as middle deligates.. trusts is lost .. sorry.

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    We saport and stand for Mizoram from real Assamese

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    Har jaga me assam cm jakra karwa ta hain. Uske dil me sirf bangladesi refugee party ko bachana chata hain kiyu ki unki vote pure lena chata hain. Yeh thik nahi hain. Sarkar badalna chahi hain. British sarkar ke same se hi yeh to mizoram ka area hain.

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    Assam Police enter Mizoram and light their gun to mizo's NGO who sit and wait for government of Assam-Mizoram border treaty.

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  • Iahunlang lyngdoh Umsawkhwan
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    💪👍👍 Mizoram

  • Iahunlang lyngdoh Umsawkhwan
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    MIZoram verygood

  • Son Tonsing
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    Look at the site if the incident, is it in Assam or in Mizoram's territory ? What are Assam Police looking for deep inside Mizoram's territory armed to the teeth ? Make your own judgements.

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  • Victor Rosangzuala
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    Why the reporter is in such a hurry, is he afraid of getting response of the full truthful incident, My main point is, was he bribed ?🤔 seriously

  • jims kaihmang
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    It's not about blaming it's about telling the truth

  • Røhlua

    That's disrespectful

  • CarelessMusicians

    There was absolutely no point of this interview. He didn't even asked who is at fault, CM of Mizoram was about to conclude his talk but got cut off. The situation escalated right after the meeting regarding of backing down the police from each side. Mizoram were always on the defensive end, right after that meeting, Assam police fired shots with LMG and ARs. The Mizoram police and civilians did everything they should and can do to not get slaughtered like the Jallianwala Bagh. Policemen lost their lives and could have been very much avoided if they weren't ordered to get inside the outskirts of a mizoram town and occupy mizo police duty post. There are evidence and facts rather than lies told by Himanta Biswa.

  • lulu

    Shame on ASSAM CM 😠😤 ASSAM Shot First

  • pritam gogoi
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    If this issue can b resoved peacefully now ,then why wasnt it solved before all this happened.

  • Icy Pisces
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    Dear CNN correspondence, looks like you got bores, u so you wont listen to him? are you bias too, i never expect a successful and one of the leading medias to be bias, how much bribery did you get, you media is NO1 bullshit. ...please dont listen to Himanta and Zoramthanga.........plis sent your non BJP and Non Assamese reporters to investigate the site and reveal the truth your self............you will see why those brave jawans loss their dear life .......let me tell you we want peace but your bullfrog assam Cm murdered his jawans by sending his armed police force to cause havoc not on the border but inside mizoram passing the buffer zone and the crpf camp of both assam and mizoram just after the peace status quo held by the union home minister in shillong......India will never improve nor be at peace as long as you media people can be bribed by money......imbeciles...

  • C.Andrewa


  • Charles Zualtea
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    This kind of reporters.... hate bias news

  • Shongwang Konyak
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    Don't play politics with human life,new Assam govt is very danger not only for bordering states but to their own state, because of their ECO we losed seven life's,ab pi jio dosra states kopi jinido taking advantage of economic blockages they are doing this from many many years stop this old games again n again, everybody knows it🇮🇳

  • Imdad Barbhuiya
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    Our assam police not find the firing order thats why they killed 6 police jawan but we take the revenge of this

  • Masangi Singson
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    The anchor is so unprofessional.... Let the CM complete his speech... Shame on you

  • corelli 5
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    justice needs to be served

  • Saikat Chatterjee
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    why is the mizo cm speaeking in russian accent? ''boriss get my vodka" .....

  • Samuel Sam
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    Because of Assam Chief Minister policy Assam police die unreasonable

  • Ps Hruaia
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  • Ruatfela bebe
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    Assam,you messed up with wrong state!

  • Mal Sawma
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    Report this fucking channel. Fake news with a biased reporter

  • helen Vaiphei
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    Even CNN news is fake....🤣🤣🤣🤣i'll never listen news from this CNN ever again....they are full of bias and unprofessional in their work....if assam CM said that salt is the sweetest things in this world,this news will surely announce it without any hesitation for sure🤣🤣🤣🤣that is the fact.....

  • hrt

    This anchor does not deserve to be in journalism, SHAME ON HIM. He don't have respect for higher officials. CNN officials need to get rid of him.

  • helen Vaiphei
    helen Vaipheiमहिन्यापूर्वी

    This journalist is unprofessional...#assam_shot_first....he is a bias person....he should not be a journalist from what i've seen and heard...he didn't even gave zoramthanga to talk about everything what had happened on that day.....hey YOU UNPROFESSIONAL JOURNALIST OPEN YOUR EYES....YOU ARE ONE OF AN UNEDUCATED PERSON...YOU DIDN'T EVEN CARE ABOUT OTHER SIDE NOR LISTEN TO THEM,WHAT A SHAME ON YOU....

  • Emanuel Hrangchal
    Emanuel Hrangchalमहिन्यापूर्वी

    Mizoram IR police didn't have any teargas and smoke that is all from Assam Police

  • Rinmawia Jr Chhangte
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  • Lalramzauva Tlaichhun
    Lalramzauva Tlaichhunमहिन्यापूर्वी

    We the peoples of Mizo have norhing to say. But if India(BJP) byas, we can only say "hello China from India".

  • Jessy James
    Jessy Jamesमहिन्यापूर्वी

    We Dont know Why Assam have dispute with all their inter-state boundaries.. As we look back into previous incident Assam police burning Mizo's farmer House,they cutting down hundreds of plant,not only that they attacking mizo female journalist with blood few years back and many more cruel action taken by assam police.. Mizoram try to make peace, but after peace talk Assam police came again and try to occupy mizoram police post, meanwhile they attack mizoram couple traveller, their bloody become more aggresive and they do gun shot towards mizo people.. At the end mizoram police has no more choice than to protect their people and they shot back.

  • Lalramzauva Tlaichhun
    Lalramzauva Tlaichhunमहिन्यापूर्वी

    Support Mizoram CM.

  • Rpy Pachuau
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    Awiii Zotea trawng muang lutuk ,sawi ki kawi nasa bawk si khi ka lo hah vek thei , a pawimawh lai ber min lo kap hmasa tih kha han sawi vat se thra tur 😩😩😩😩

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    Report this channel

  • hmingtei vangchhia chhakchhuak
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    This tragedy happened because of Assam CM who gave fire order first to his police men..... Only mizo police men fought back to defend themselves.. . Unluckily those police men died.... That's the truth!

  • Gunakanta Gogoi
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    What is mijuram? Is it a development country, village or state in the world , they foolish Living beings doesn't know how far the World, conservative always be conservatives

  • Sangita Jamatia
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    Bangladeshi go back

  • Suron.

    Meghalaya police noop afraid to the police of Assam. Mizoram keep it up

  • Valtea Sailo
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  • Henry Lalmuanpuia varte
    Henry Lalmuanpuia varteमहिन्यापूर्वी

    Why dont you give more time to the CM, he doesnt even finished yet. And its not that Mizoram who make the first moves, it's Assam police who gave the first shot, its Assam CM who ordered to fire first... Don't be so bias bhai

  • Vl neihpuii fanai
    Vl neihpuii fanaiमहिन्यापूर्वी

    This is not borders , it is inside mizo ram vairengte

  • Durka Sungoh
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    Assam is not northeast, Assam is china

  • Tluangi Nunu
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    Ngaihnawm leh dawn e

  • Rowee Sailo
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    Assam police shot first

  • Biplab Roy
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    News reporters are scared to enter Mizoram.....if the reporters enter Mizoram then the Mizos will kill them

  • Biplab Roy
    Biplab Royमहिन्यापूर्वी

    Mizos want kill all the assam police.....they want to kill their fellow citizen....see how evil they are....we have to stop them.

  • Bendar Dkhar
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    What happened to Assam CM deployed his army to another state not only in Mizoram but also in Meghalaya also and other states of Northeast may be he felt proud of his CM or what I would like to question the CM of Assam not to other states, this is a shameful to Assam CM.

  • LALRUATSANGA Khawlhring
    LALRUATSANGA Khawlhringमहिन्यापूर्वी

    Dear news reporter this firing area is not in assam area. It is mizoram police camp .. this is not inter state border,,it is mizoram area

  • From Meghalaya with Love
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    Stay strong Mizoram

  • v

    Kan cm Pu zoramthanga sap tawng thiam Dan hi aw.a hmel hi a fing hmel tawp za awmna a keng tell bawk .Lalpan finna pe zel rawhse.

  • rina ralte rina ralte
    rina ralte rina ralteमहिन्यापूर्वी

    That zoramthanga was right and assam cm was lie no more lie assam are a good state bur cm are not good for people in assam

  • TeNπ•30 • GAMING
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    Mizo ho kha cuan dislike keuh ag👎

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  • Ojoi Marak
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    Why do the people of Assam behave like a king, I stand for Mizoram. From meghalaya

  • Dawnga Lal
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    Mr. do the right things and your neighbours will respect you ,,free advice from mizoram

  • Lucifer KingOfHell
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