Turning an Old ANVIL into a Heavy THOR'S HAMMER

A lot of People asked me in comment section to change my anvil so, I bought a new Anvil but I could not waste my previous one so, the best idea I got to utilise my anvil was to turn it into something cool. And I think this is the best hammer I could make from such a heavy anvil.

This video took me more than a month to complete because I faced a lot of difficulties while making this video. And it was my first time to do such a crazy machining on a big steel block. I tried my best on this Thor's hammer I hope you will like this made.
Maybe I will also post a full length video of this Thor's Hammer.

Thor's hammer weight = 12.6KG or about 28 Pounds

Turning an Old ANVIL into a Heavy THOR'S HAMMER

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    Sir i wanna buy this 😭😭😭

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    I want a hammer like this but it will take 50 kg. If you are willing to pay, please answer. We will talk on the phone. I am speaking from Bangal.

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    yes, if you can destroy it. it's yours



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    @Raised YT 0

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  • Ali hussein apd
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    "Entre le marteau et l'enclume" - "Between the hammer and the anvil" Une expression appliquée au bricolage (au gros). il est outillé le garçon !

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    Lots of MRtoors have made "the heaviest Thor's hammer", but you made the nicest one. Well done. The fabrication looked fantastic.

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    This guy takes changing his anvil way too literally

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  • Entertainment
    Entertainment3 दिवसांपूर्वी

    I want a hammer like this but it will take 50 kg. If you are willing to pay, please answer. We will talk on the phone. I am speaking from Bangal.

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