Tesher x Jason Derulo - Jalebi Baby (Official Video)

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Credits -
Artist: Tesher x Jason Derulo
Production: Tesher
Singing/Vocalist: Shweta Subram & Neha Sharma
Lyrics: Tesher & Jason Derulo
Jason’s Recording Engineer: Ben Hogarth
Mix/Master: Tesher
Director: Gil Green
Producer: Andrea Saavedra
Production Company: 305 Films
Video Commissioner: Targa Sahyoun
Production Manager: Nataly Arroyo
1st AD: Kelo Thompson
D.P. : Maz Makhani
Production Designer: Rashi Jain
Choreography: Jeremy Kenyel Strong & Divya Jethwani
Jason’s Stylist: Talia Coles
Tesher & Dancer’s Wardrobe Stylist: Saloni Mahajan
Wardrobe Designers: KYNAH & holiCHIC by Megha

Lyrics -
Jason Derulo
[Verse 1]
You know I came here for the cake
Liquor and the money ain't the only thing I chase now
She ain't see the stars in the Wraith
Soon as she got in that motherfucker, had her face down
That my type (that my type)
My sweetie
Could be wifey
If she freaky
Hell of a night, blowing money like Monopoly
I'm a dog, kill the kitty no apology
I know that you wanna get crazy, crazy
Shawty take it slow then cheti, cheti
Come on baby be my Jalebi Baby
Baby let me me see it
Jalebi Baby
I just wanna eat it
Jalebi Baby
Baby let me see it
Jalebi Baby
Oh I really need it
Baby let me see it
Jalebi Baby
I just wanna eat it
Jalebi I,
I know the things, the things that you like
I know the things, the things that you like
[Verse 2]
Tell me how you feel
Lookin' like a movie star doing it for Reels
Lookin' like a snack, lookin' like a whole meal
Gucci and Chanel with your red bottom heels
Ice drip, like paani
Ban ja tu meri rani
Shawty bad, she my Deewani Mastani
Light it up from Hollywood to Mohali
Tesher and Derulo it's a worldwide party
I know that you wanna get crazy, crazy
Shawty take it slow then cheti, cheti
Come on baby be my Jalebi Baby
You know what imma say
Baby let me me see it
Jalebi Baby
I just wanna eat it
Jalebi Baby
Baby let me see it
Jalebi Baby
Oh I really need it
Baby let me see it
Jalebi Baby
I just wanna eat it
Jalebi I,
I know the things, the things that you like
Baby let me me see it
Jalebi Baby
Cuz I just wanna eat it
Jalebi Baby
Baby let me
Jalebi Baby
You know I really need it
Baby let me see it
Jalebi Baby
I just wanna eat it
Jalebi Baby
Baby let me see it
I know the things, the things that you like
Hah, yeah!
Jalebi Baby
Young Tesher and Derulo
Bollywood Hollywood duo
I know the things, the things you like

Music video by Tesher, Jason Derulo performing Jalebi Baby. Capitol Records; © 2021 Namah Music Group Inc., under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.



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    WE DID IT!! Hope you all enjoy the video and add Jalebi Baby to your summer playlists!! tesher.lnk.to/JBDeruloID

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