Forging a KATANA out of Rusted Iron CHAIN

Well, This Katana took me too long to make and this was not easy to make it such perfect. Alot of People asked me to make Katana so i tried my best to make a perfect Katana Sword as i can.

Overall Sword Length : 35 Inches
Handle Length : 8 Inches
Blade Length : 26 Inches

All the Processes are below of making this beautiful KATANA:
It took me almost three days to hand forge an Iron Chain piece into a long Metal Strip and this was one of my hardest forging ever. I don't have a power hammer so i did all the forging with hands and turned a chain piece into an almost 33 - 34 inches long steel strip.
I started some rough grindings of long strip on my Belt sander and turned the strip into a Katana shaped long steel piece. I also hand sanded the edges with the help of file to remove almost all the roughness of the sword.
o. I made the Blood Groove with the help of rotary grinder.
o. The blade bevel was made by my professional angle grinder.
o. Hand Sanded the blade to remove roughness.
There is a professional way to harden a Katana and that is
Covering the whole sword in a Fire Clay (Insulation) Except the blade bevel.After that we put the sword into the fire and heat it to critical temperature. We use oil to Quench the heated sword in it. Now the Bevel is hard and the remaining sword is annealed. Tempering the blade is the best way to increase the Strength, Hardness and Toughness of the sword.
This piece is traditionally made by forging some copper or brass but we can also make it by casting these metals. And the purpose of hibaki is to hold the Sheath with the handle.
The Handle contains three parts.
o. GUARD: I made the guard by using a thick brass sheet, which is roundly turned into a beautiful metal piece that can show a partition between the handle and the remaining sword.
o. Spacer: This is the little metal piece which fits on tang and controls the fittings of the whole handle so nothing should vibrate in handle.
o. Wood: A nice piece of wood uses as a handle of the sword and that could be Wrapped by some soft (leather) strips.

Forging a KATANA out of Rusted Iron CHAIN

Always wear leather gloves while sanding knives. Always keep a First Aid Kit at your work place.

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